Lotus Flower Bomb Rapper Wale Says R.I.P to R&B

Hip Hip artist Wale believes the Rhythm and Blues genre has cease to exist in today’s music industry. He pointed fingers towards the industry gatekeepers for the lack of support insisting, “It is very rarely marketed to black urban people.”

The “Lotus Flower Bomb” spitter, whom is heavily influenced by 90s music, said “Ten years ago it was Jade, SWV, Xscape, Total; now you got two girls with a record deal and everybody else is neo-soul and classified as weird music.”

With some of music’s top talents that were initial classified as R&B entertainers including Usher, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Beyonce, now fusing dance music into their style, traditional ballads have becoming somewhat obsolete on the radio charts.

Wale confessed: “I’m a part of [listen to] ‘Lotus Flower Bomb.” Before adding, “R&B ain’t R&B no more. They making club songs. It’s cool, it sounds good. What ballad you see on the top ten?”

The debate will continue on whether Rhythm and Blues is progressing or moving towards a tombstone.


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