Jade Alston – Single On A Saturday Night

R&B singer/songwriter Jade Alston releases her debut EP, ‘Single On A Saturday Night,’ exclusively on Singersroom.com. The set features Grammy-Nominated songwriter Claude Kelly, who co-wrote the lead single, “Missing You Lately,” while Grammy-Winning producer Chuck Harmony also contributed to the project.

‘Single on a Saturday Night’ tells a story about a single woman on a Saturday night. Each track off the EP plays like a journal entry into Jade’s personal diary. “Searching,” “Love of My Life” and “Sober” are entries into Jade’s journal to which anyone who has ever had a love interest can relate. With “Missing You Lately,” Jade writes about that phone call which never comes from that special someone.

Although the tone and texture of Jade’s voice is like Toni Braxton, conceptually, Jade is the female singing version of Kanye West and Drake. Jade blends Kanye’s soul, honesty and originality with Drake’s versatility and ability to relate. Like the HBO character Carrie Bradshaw, Jade writes about women’s issues and has distinctive style. Jade’s uniqueness brings freshness to the R&B industry that is apparent to listeners.


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