Thin Line Between Pop & R&B

There’s a thin line between R&B and Pop music, only because most R&B singers are flirting with the Pop sound.

Artist such as Usher and Beyonce begin their careers singing behind a traditional R&B soulful track about a lost love or attaining love before they reached a point to which critics describe as going commercial.

When a singer has reached a certain level of achievement, it seems to stay afloat in the music industry, they must make code word “versatile music.” So their sonic expression is broaden, landing their in the backyard of Pop music.

Pop is fun, easy to digest and universal. It allows the artist to deliver an easy message over an exciting beat. And today, an simple message is desired more than the mature and cultivated messages in R&B songs.

For example, Usher and his popular song “Oh My Gosh,” he ditched the smooth sound for an edgy dance song.

Are R&B too quick to jump to the Pop genre or do we attempt to group them their? Why do these artist abandon their roots of R&B music?
—— By: Johnell Smalls


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