Mae Day: Getting To Know Lauriana Mae

It’s not polite or even smart to judge a book by its cover. Make sure not to make that mistake with the beautiful Lauriana Mae, who has been working with super producer Kwame and is now signed to Atlantic Records. She is rare; her songs are heartfelt and her stage presence is undeniable. Singersroom had the opportunity to chat with this rising star from topics including, fried chicken and soda to her musical influences.

In My World… I [have] just been writing, recording and rehearsing with my band. Everything I do is for music right now.

Family Affair… My band is family to me. I go to church with a lot of them. I had already been working on my project but as things progressed, I asked a couple people from my praise and worship group if they wanted to play for me. They helped me with everything. I really appreciate them…I’m ride or die with them.

The Singing Game… I have been singing since I was really little. I can’t remember the exact age when I started singing but when I was really young I remember my mom had this little radio and she would teach me songs and have me sing them. She would promise me something like a McDonald’s cheeseburger if I remembered the song. I was always singing with that game. I joined the church choir, then I went from the church choir to singing in school until I started to write my own songs.

In Tune with All Music… I can appreciate something from all genres of music but the genres I gravitated towards were R&B and Hip Hop. I loved them so much that I just started to study and find out where the music came from. Then I started to look a little further. I got back so far that it brought me to the 1920’s and 1930’s.

My Mix… My favorite artists were Ruth Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Billie Holiday. My music really became a combination of Classic Jazz and Rhythm and Blues mixed with contemporary Hip Hop. It is definitely the way I tried to put it together rhythmically and melodically… the classic jazz stuff. I try to keep the tracks contemporary.

Music Mentor… Kwame and I have done so many songs together. When I met him he let me listen to some tracks. He played a track with a Ruth Brown sample. I LOVED IT! It is the sounds I wanted to achieve. The songs and sounds are exactly what I was aiming for and we just bonded immediately. He is a super producer. But other than that, Kwame is not just a producer to me he has supported me. I’ve learned so much from him. He is like a mentor. He’s been there for me.

Polka Dots… Of course I would wear polka dots. The socks I’m wearing now are polka dots.

Fashion First…I guess I am most influenced by fashion from the 1920s to the 1940s. I just feel everything was just so classy and classic. It was sexy sometimes. I always try to incorporate that into what I’m wearing as well.

Greatest collaboration of All Time… If I had the opportunity to collaborate with any musicians dead or alive it would be Ray Charles, Billie Holiday or Kanye West.

Beat It … Well, there is nothing wrong with that song. It is a sexual song. We are all sexual beings. “Beat It” is a song about empowerment. There is nothing more empowering then knowing what you want and commanding it.

Regulating All Shades… I don’t discriminate. I love the person not the color. There are very beautiful men of all colors, shapes and sizes.

In Love… Yes, I have been in love. Love makes you feel like you have it all! It’s like anything else is an extra blessing. That’s how love makes you feel!

A Love Lost… It makes you feel like you’ve lost it all until you build yourself back up again. But that’s the risk you take. When you lose love sometimes it feels like you’ve lost it all.

I Feel Like… I have it all in life right now. I’m very blessed to have such a strong team. Everyday I wake up feeling like if I get nothing more than this moment I would be satisfied.

Makes Me Smile… Good music, good people, good jokes and good things. Truth. Honesty makes me smile.

Me, Myself & I… I don’t want to change who I am! I want to grow and be a better me.

Feenin for… Fried chicken and Coca Cola are my favorites…all day! My favorite movie is The Lord of The Rings… I’m a total geek.

Home Sweet Home… I moved around a lot in my life. I was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. I have lived everywhere in Monmouth County. There is a lot of culture there and there are a lot of talented musicians there. It is where my church is. It’s close to my heart and I have a lot of friends there.
—— By: Interview By Deyior D.


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