James Brown’s Dream to Donate to Education Still Not Carried Out, Family & Estate Still at War

After the death of the iconic legend James Brown in 2006, his will states that the majority of his $100 million estate should be left to an educational trust for the underprivileged in South Carolina and Georgia.

However, five years later, not one child in need has seen any money from this. Why? Because of his family fighting over what should happen to the donation. His family claims at the time of Brown’s untimely passing, he was unaware of his actions and thus, couldn’t make the donation.

Amongst the family fighting, the James Brown estate also faced a $20 million debt. However, much of the debt has then since been removed and transformed into a college scholarship fund for less fortunate students, thanks to a professional money manager. However, now there are reports questioning the legality of this move.

Former state-appointed trustees Robert Buchanan Jr. and Adele Pope are appealing a 2-year-old settlement that they say prevents Brown’s intentions as laid out in his will. In other words, their main case is against the 2009 ruling that altered who would be the trustees of the estate.

The 2009 agreement gave half of Brown’s assets to a James Brown Scholarship Fund, while a quarter goes to his widow, Tomi Rae Brown, and her young son. The remainder of the assets is divvied up amongst his older children.

As of now, court hearings are scheduled for Tuesday.