6 Reasons We Need Love Ballads Back

When was the last time you heard a song that made you ooze with love? The instruments played with your heart, the beat danced with your body and the singer spoke to your soul. You felt what he or she was crooning because you were in love. And even if you were not, you thirst for a relationship. It’s Toni Braxton pleading for him to un-break her heart or Whitney Houston professing her undying love.

But where are those kind of love songs currently? Somewhere being overlooked because love have been replaced with, “Look ma, no hands.”

We need those love songs back. They made you feel good. They moved you. They made everything better. So here’s a list explaining why we need love ballad back.

1.Decrease the Womanizing Songs
More songs currently surround the idea of having multiple women or calling them out their names.

2.More Variety in the Club
Remember when the club ended with a love song or a slow song. Now we look forward to the hypest song to be played.

3. Expand the Kids to More
Kids listen to the radio and are repeating the lyrics of the hottest song that has a disrespectful underlining meaning.

4. Provoke New Emotions
Instead of getting hype off a song or wanting to fight or do drugs, love ballads spread love.

5. To Promote Longer Relationships
Remember Boys II Men singing “End of the Road.” They sung their hearts out to remain in their relationship. They couldn’t let go. A love ballad may make you realize this.

6. Respect For Women
Love ballads simply had a deep respect for relationships and love. The women singing had respect for themselves and the men singing had the utmost respect for women as well.

—— By: Johnell Smalls


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