Meelah: No Pum Pum Shorts

If you loved the 90’s and baggy jeans then you probably rocked to the sounds of 702. The Las Vegas trio were sexy and super talented as an collective but it was lead singer Meelah, who stood out with her sultry voice and beautiful complexion.

“Get It Together,” “Steelo,” and “Where My Girls At” were radio hits that landed the spotlight on Meelah. The former 702 member is not just reintroducing herself as a solo artist, she is also pushing her personal style. She sat down with Singersroom to talk a little about her Musiq and style.

Three Strikes Your Out… We (702) had three albums and I feel blessed. I think the third times a charm or three strikes your out. It just didn’t work for us but life goes on.

It’s All About Your Hair… I just recently cut all my hair off. I always had pretty long shoulder length healthy hair. In high school I always had a press and curl but when I got in the industry and tried to get a perm it didn’t work so I went back to the natural hair.

The Main Accessory… I think hair is an accessory. I don’t think it defines you… It does enhance you. I get bored easily it is very short.

Lip Gloss Is Poppin’… I like to let my face breathe but I must have my lip-gloss. If I can’t find something in the department store then good old Vaseline will do the job. I need that lip moisturizer. I have really dry skin so I have to keep it moisturized.

No Pum Pum Shorts… As far as clothes, I must have a purse. My style is very self motivated. I switch up a lot, it could be a long flowing skirt with a wife beater. I don’t wear a lot of shorts like daisy dukes and definitely no pum pum shorts for me. I’m a mommy now, I don’t want my pum pum hanging out pum pum shorts.

Comfortable Fashion… Sometimes I want to wear jeans everyday, sometimes I’m sick of wearing jeans everyday; I just want to be comfortable and throw on some tights and over sized shirt and sneakers.

80s to 90s Style… Lol I like off the shoulder tops. My man (Musiq) teases me because he says I’m so stuck in he 80s and 90s. Yes, I have shoulder pads. I don’t have old school shoulder pads; my style is very diverse.

He Makes Me Feel Special… Musiq cooks for me. He constantly says how beautiful I am without all the makeup… He constantly tells me. He’s into natural beauty. He teaches me, he lifts me up, he’s very intellectual and deep.

Make Me Happy… My son and music makes me smiles. Musiq makes me happy.

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