Things Tougher Than Ray J

You can never redo a first impression. This is a lesson Ray J learned quickly as he attempted to position himself as a thug or tough guy at the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. With the story unfolding that neither Ray J or Fabolous landed a combination of hooks and jabs, it left a permanent mark that the singer/reality star cannot present himself as a macho man. As he attempts to elude the title of being Brandy’s brother or Kim Kardashian’s sex-tape partner, he went to far left. People see Ray J as an entertainer, not a guy that could harm a plant.

After attempting to reintroduce himself as a street goon, Here is what fans had to say about it on Twitter:

#thingstougherthanrayj Drakes eyebrows, Natalie Nunn’s chin, Tyra Banks and Rihanna’s foreheads, Wendy William’s Adam apple.

#thingsTougherThanRayJ Miss Sophia in the Color Purple.. “I said, Helllllllll No!”

#ThingstougherthanRayJ Lil Wayne’s Jeggings…

#ThingstougherthanRayJ putting barretts in Amber Rose hair

#ThingsTougherThanRayJ Rick Ross Getting into Skinny Jeans.

#thingstougherthanrayj El Debarge’s hair texture —— By: Staff


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