6 Reasons We Love An Awkward Black Girl

AWKWARD!!! It seems that this word has been floating off the tongues of everyone lately. While we gain laughter depending on the situation, this word encases a different meaning. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines awkward as lacking social grace or assurance; causing embarrassment; not easy to handle or deal with. Unfortunately, this is not the assumed definition for us. No longer is that clumsy, quirky, shy girl with glasses a representation of awkward. Positively put, awkward is simply the ability to dare to be different, embrace and accept.

Simpleminded stereotypes will have you believing that all black women can dance, all white women can’t, all Indian women eat curry, all Spanish women eat rice and beans, all Jamaican women smoke weed and all Asian women are eager to please. Entangling yourself in a web with strands that dictate what you should be doing, who you should be dating, what you should be wearing, and what you should be digesting is discriminatory and foolery at its best. Women should no longer be held captive to such. So much more defines a woman, especially an awkward one. Buried deep inside the ink-filled pages of a black woman’s journal are the stories that denote her true essence. More often than not will you discover treasures that will amaze you and dispel your assumptions. Be you. Do you. Love you. All else is ignorant hearsay.

While we could amuse you with the many tales of the traditional awkward black girl tripping over her own feet, we decided to intrigue you with the modernized awkward black girl. Read on as you develop a longing love for her Awkwardness…..

We Love Her Because:

She’s approachable but not afraid to make a move. The traditional notion of waiting for a guy to approach her has been ditched on the side of the road right along with her glasses. Always tastefully done, this awkward black girl is a conversation starter. Confidence, wittiness and fearlessness are her new found traits. Strategically assessed, she goes for what she wants, her way. No longer are settling, tolerating or accepting apart of her comprehensive vocabulary. Her adventures include interracial dating, flirting, enjoying and captivating, one qualified man at a time.

She naturalized her mane. While having relaxed hair is not a bad thing, she found her true beauty by embracing who she is, no chemicals added. Relaxers and texturizers are no longer her demise. She is free-spirited and still unpredictable. She may shave one side of her head, straighten the other, color the back, and braid the top, yet she is ultimately, still the most sought after girl in the room. For once, she has accepted herself. Her mane no longer defines her, she defines it.

She’s a simple fashionista. Dress outside the box, words she lives by. In no way does this mean to be over the top, but to be true to your awkward self. Whimsical, stylish and graceful she is as she unknowingly lures you in. Her simplicity is spectacular and soft. Her stumbles are now struts, and she never looks back. Labels are unheard of for she creates her own.

Her taste-buds are unconventional. Hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken and soul food are kindly erased from her memory. Amnesia. Her palette is curious and salivating for the undiscovered. Besides sushi, her menu will probably consist of Peking duck, alligator and even octopus. Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat, she’s a healthy fighter.

Her Awkwardness is her Power. Women have always been conveniently placed in the background. Upfront, in your face and personal is this awkward black girl, when she needs to be. She is educated, articulate, ambitious and funny. Keeping her composure, she uses her passive-aggressiveness as a stepping stone. Those who acknowledge it, benefit from her beautiful spirit, those who don’t get left behind. With plans to make her daydreams reality, she constantly gains ammunition. She wants respect and she will stop at nothing to attain it. Awkwardness is her motivation is her power is her plan.

Her imagination is humorously rooted. She listens intently as others speak of things she could care less about. Fantasy filled playbacks flood her mind, while deep down her thought process is thinking of a master plan. Her imagination is the agent that keeps her stimulated not to mention her sarcastic inner voice. Her inner candid humor keeps you wanting more. The countless number of what-ifs keep her guided and maintain her temper, for without it she would be lost.

Be on the look out for this Awkward Black Girl, she may be awkwardly standing next to you.

Thinking…….That awkward moment when a black girl steps out of the stereotypical bubble and dares to be different…………….

—— By: JournalisticChic


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