Build A Band: 5 Solo Super Group Suitors

Super groups are super for a reason. Collectively they work together to bring you countless unforgettable experiences. Dedication, talent and sacrifice is their daily regimen. To build anything requires a strong foundation. Unfortunately, it seems that music groups and bands have a short lifespan. Could it be that the foundation wasn’t strong enough? Were the artists lacking? While we can speculate on the various reasons for failure, what we can’t deny is what each soloist brought to the table. Each artist is indeed super in their own way.

We can recollect back to Destiny’s Child and each of their members. All three possessed vocal talent. Beyonce brought rift and range, Kelly brought a soft, melodious tone and Michelle brought the strong, raspy vocal. Together their harmony ignited goosebumps. Each artist provided something that ultimately made Destiny’s Child one of the best modern day female super groups to date.

In that same spirit, here are five hot artists who are shining as soloists but would be great assets to a super group. Let’s build……

Jessie J – This British bombshell has blessed us with her gutsy, animated, soulful voice. Her rifts are daring and dynamite. It can be assumed that her high pitched ranges can break the finest wine glasses. Magical without modification describes her voice. Her success in a super group would be based upon her ability to take the lead as well as tone it down and harmonize if need be. Her creativity would add that spin that most groups are lacking.

Miguel – His tilting tenor tantalizes us, bouncing back and forth between tenor and alto. His approach to R&B is grabbing us by the hair and making us listen. Miguel’s tone is smooth enough for background but bold enough to stand on its own. The sultry context in his vocals remind us of D’angelo and Prince. Swoon worthy. His futuristic style would keep the group in the next.

Sonyae Elise – New on the R&B scene and taking it by storm, Elise is that “it” girl. Pulling at our heart strings, she has a classic style, one we can see far past 2011. Diverse in her lyrics, wicked with her tongue and emotional in her delivery, she gives us a raw sense of pitch, power and poise. The fearless style she holds keeps us entertained and on edge, never knowing what angle she will conquer next. Her relateable musical concepts will push the group far past its limits into super group stardom.

Chris Brown – Despite his former antics, we must give credit where it’s due. Brown enticed us with his voice back in 2005 and presently still amazes us. As he still stands as one of the hottest solo artists out, he’s there for a reason. His deep bellows reminiscent of pulpit filled churches tickles our ears and warms our hearts. His dancing keeps our eyes glued to the television, and his toned physique isn’t too shabby either. The new onset of his catchy rap lyrics also make us nod in approval. Most super groups have a multi-talented member, one who can dance, sing and rap. That would be Chris Brown himself.

Frank Ocean – Sometimes vocally laced with auto tune, Ocean is still not to be fucked with. Another artist with a sea-sawing range, he constantly puts you in a sensual place. The baritone in his voice provides a strong foundation in a group, while his falsetto isn’t easily mastered. This quirky mix somehow works and would give a group wide possibilities.

These five artists possess immense integrity, superb talent, and a spirit of uniqueness. With such qualities their shoes in a super group would be hard to fill.

—— By: JournalisticChic


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