5 Reasons We Love/Hate Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives just ended their third season on VH1, and the spinoff LA version is premiering on August 29. We reveal why we love (and sometimes hate) to keep our eyes glued to the screen every week.

1. The Drama – We can’t get enough of the never-ending drama. From everyone teaming up against Royce to Eric throwing a drink in Jennifer’s face, there is never a dull moment on this so-bad-it’s-good reality show. It’s one of the main reasons we’ve been tuning every season, and it also reminds us of how unnecessary the drama sometimes is.

2. The Style – From Jennifer’s statement jewelry to Shaunie’s fly dresses to Evelyn’s hot shoes, we love to get fashion tips from the ladies but we can’t help to envy their closets, too.

3. The Evelynisms – After the season two finale when Evelyn famously told Tami that she was a “non-muthaf***ing-factor” when she slept with her ex, we almost instantly incorporated the phrase into our vocabulary. And we’ve been hanging onto almost every word Evelyn says ever since.

4. The Friendship (or lack thereof) – We’ve seen close bonds between almost everyone in “the circle” but we’ve also heard curse words exchanged, seen hair pulled and more among the ladies in- and out- of the so-called circle. We can’t help but wonder how genuine the friendship is among any of the ladies.

5. The Men – Although we love the ladies, we have to acknowledge the huge part the men play in their lives. If there was no Eric and divorce, Jennifer’s story wouldn’t be that interesting. If the sexy Chad Ochocinco didn’t make an appearance on the show from time to time, there wouldn’t be much eye candy. And so on…

—— By: Crystal Tate


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