Chris Brown Rapping vs. Lil Wayne Singing

First, we heard Chris Brown try his hand at rapping on his hit single, “Look at Me Now.” Then, Lil Wayne showed off his singing side on his new record, “How to Love.” Now that one of hip hop’s hottest and one of R&B’s best have literally played musical chairs, who do we see with a potential career in their new found field?

Chris Brown

Pros: Considering the comeback Chris Brown made in the past year, we’ve discovered that Chris has a super-loyal fan base. And since he’s already succeeded at a number of talents (singing, dancing and acting), why not add rapping to the list? Plus, he just released the artwork to his upcoming hip hop mixtape, Boy in Detention, and we all know how mixtapes have helped many artists’ claim to fame.

Cons: There’s a hefty number of solid rappers (hello Jay and Kanye!) and up-and-coming rappers (Big Sean, Pusha T) in the hip-hop game right now which leaves little room for another one, especially one who’s already achieved considerable success as a singer.

Bottom line: As Chris eloquently put it on his latest internet single “Real Hip Hop #3,” “Supposedly a singer can’t do hip-hop, but I just killed this sh*t so let the sh*t rock.”

Lil Wayne

Pros: Since pretty much any song Lil Wayne even breathes on becomes an instant hit, we are pretty convinced that Weezy can turn any song into gold (or platinum for that matter), even if he chooses to sing instead of rap. Also, since Lil Wayne is adored by the ladies, and R&B tends to have a larger female fan base, he might be headed down a promising path.

Cons: From his completely tattooed body to his hardcore demeanor, most fans envision Lil Wayne as strictly a rapper so trying to switch things up might not sit well with everyone, specifically his male audience. Also, we’re not sure how his skills will compare to other extremely talented R&B artists from the veterans (Prince, Michael Jackson) to the newcomers (Miguel, Frank Ocean).

Bottom line: On Tha Carter, Vol. 2, Lil Wayne rapped, “The best rapper alive, the best rapper alive… Swagger right, check game tight, and you should be afraid, be very afraid.”

OUR PICK: Chris Brown.

Which artist do you think will go further in his alternate career?

—— By: Crystal Tate


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