[EXCLUSIVE] Teyana Taylor Talks Heartbreak and Men

Harlem beauty Teyana Taylor may seem rough around the edges but she is still a girly girl at her core. Having many of the same views on fashion, men and love as most women, Teyana dished about all those topics in an exclusive interview with Singersroom.

The urban fashionista revealed her favorite style of dress for men, and it comes as no surprise that the quintessential “Harlem Boy” look is what gets her heart fluttering the most. “See the Harlem girl in me loves wife-beaters and Tims. I just love the whole Harlem boy swag. I’ll pick that any day,” she laughs and says. Teyana went on to list her pick of the top male artists who epitomize style saying, “Artists like Pharrell and Kanye, I love their fashion sense – these are guys who really know their style, they just get it.”

Switching gears, Teyana then revealed that the motivation behind covering Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ came from a very personal place. She tells us, “I mean that song is based on a true story. That song is from the heart. That song was tears, pain and hurt.” She adds, “The whole point in me doing the song is that I felt a connection to it. That was something I sang from my heart – it was raw. I feel like every girl has been through a ‘Her Room’ situation and all I can do is be real about it and not make any stereotypical type shit.” The down-to-earth diva revealed that no matter who you are, we all go through the same ups and downs in relationships.

Teyana Taylor’s off-beat fashion sense and take on life, love and relationships has worked to set her apart from her peers. We all might benefit from adopting her “do you” attitude on life.


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