Chris Brown Dubbed Homophobic Again, Rep Slams Claims

Chris Brown is back in the hot seat again for allegedly yelling homophobic slurs for the second time in the last month. Back in June, the R&B star had to apologize to the gay community for calling the paparazzi “gay,” and now he is under scrutiny again for allegedly yelling out “That’s gay!” and “You’re a f*gg*t a**!” while playing basketball with other players.

Star magazine first ran the story with a photo of Brown playing basketball but the “Look AT Me Now” hitmaker’s rep slammed the photo, insisting the picture was taken from another basketball game. The rep also claim Brown was filming a music video on the day of the alleged incident.

“A totally fictitious article ran in the current Star Magazine accusing our client Chris Brown of doing something that he did not do,” states a rep for the R&B star. “The incident described did not occur, nor did the Star ever contact Chris’ representatives to request comment or confirmation.”

Brown’s camp is also not taking this defamation of his character lightly, as the spokesperson adds, “Chris Brown’s management is considering taking appropriate legal action against the paper. We stand behind our client and want to set the record straight that this did not happen.”

Nevertheless, a spokesperson from the Human Rights Campaign still slammed Brown for the alleged comments.

“These kinds of slurs are just unacceptable,” Michael Cole-Schwartz, HRC’s communications director told “To demean gay people is encouraging others to engage in the same behavior. These kinds of slurs are unfortunately heard on playgrounds and even from figures in popular culture. We need to become more serious about it and stop it.”

“When words like these are so commonly used they become acceptable and that’s not right. One of the reasons why these slurs have become so common in schools and other places is because role models, like Chris Brown, engage in these activities and use these words. It needs to stop.”


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