5 Reasons the Neighbors Know Your Name

Trey Songz annoyed his neighbors with nonstop headboard banging and screams from his bedroom. His lady probably enjoyed their night of bedroom wrestling but his neighbors were not pleased with the sleepless nights. Late night romance is one of the annoying ways for your neighbors in your building to know your name. Here are five more reasons your neighbors might hate to know your name or you just might plain hate them.

Late Night Parties

Everybody loves to party but when your apartment building turns into a nightclub, it’s a problem. If you don’t make your neighbors a part of the festivities then guess what? They will definitely know your name.

Dog Barking

Unfortunately there is no mute button for barking dogs. When your neighbor leaves the dog alone for a weekend trip, which ruins your relaxing weekend plan, calling pet control maybe your only option.

Kids Playing Instrument

Watching a kid play an instrument can be cute at a recital. However, listening to them practice for a recital sucks! Shut up drummer boy!


Making a run for your apartment because the stench in the hallway is stronger than the New Jersey Turnpike is an obvious problem. You might hate to know your neighbors name in this situation.

Parking Lot Thief

Especially after a long day or late night, one of the last things you want to do is circle your neighborhood for parking when you paid for a parking spot. The a**hole from across the hall took the parking spot you worked hard to pay for. This is definitely a perfect opportunity to scream his or her name as you knock on their door. —— By: Staff


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