Rick Ross’ 3 Sexiest Characteristics

When the shirtless Rick Ross graced the cover of Vibe magazine’s recent sex issue, some people felt that it must have been a mistake. We guess folks expected a shot of Boris Kodjoe or Idris Elba. However, Rick Ross seems to exhibit the main characteristics that make a man sexy, which are confidence and power. Hmmmm…think about that for a second.

Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Rick Ross are three rappers that usually stirs a conversation when taking about sexiest rappers in the music business. Now that list doesn’t sound like the candidates for the sexiest man of the year but when you add each individual’s confidence and power, their sex appeal rating goes through the roof. You may not want to agree but what makes a man sexy is different than what makes a woman sexy. Here are three reasons why you should keep looking at a shirtless, big-tittied Ricky Rozay..

Confidence “I’m tha magnificent with tha sensational style” – Magnificent

It’s more than obvious that Maybach Music’s boss is confident, as he appears on stages in a unbuttoned silk Versace shirt with more swagg than a Calvin Klein model.

Power“I’m tha king, make a move, pawns all tha way to queens” – Magnificent

Nobody wants to be with the silver medalist, when you can be with the champ. Ross is on the same level as all the captains (Jay-z, Diddy, 50 Cent) in his industry, he has the power to end the career of an artist.

Financial Stability“I’m a CEO which means that I profit off of me” – Magnificent

We do not know his credit report but Rick Ross can Blow Money Fast on frivolous strip clubs, jewelry and nightlife, keeping his lady living in luxury.

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