Man In The Mirror: VaShawn Mitchell Life Testamony

Websites and blogs often ask the questions and wait for the answers they want to hear. But Singersroom decided to give the power back to the artist. We want the artists to ask a question they would have liked us to ask and answer it as honest as possible.

Many people are aware of the hit “Nobody Better” but what the public is not aware of is VaShawn Mitchell’s story. Yes, he did grow up across an alley to a church and he came to become one of the hottest inspirational singers of 2011. Yes, he was raised by his grandparents but his story is deeper. It is a testament to how out of adversity people can find inspiration.

Mr VaShawn… Where does all my passion come from? What is the story behind the drive that I have? How did I get here and what were some of my obstacles?

Mr. Mitchell … “I didn’t just turn 34 and put out my first inspirational video. People don’t understand the story behind it all. I didn’t grow up with a great life. I grew up in Harvey and born in Chi-town. My mom was a teenager when she had me so they sent here down south and my grandparents raised me. Growing up was kind of hard going to get shoes from Payless. When my mom came back she was on drugs. She was deep on drugs and she was a functional addict. Drugs in the 80’s were experimental. I am cool now talking about it because she is clean now but as a kid I didn’t get to know her. I was trying to figure out who I was. I wanted to sing but really couldn’t. Over the years I found myself becoming inspired and overcoming family issues. I used to be in church and out of church. I would go to church then go to the clubs. It wasn’t until I was twenty when I got caught driving on suspended license. I had to spend seven days in the county jail. It felt like it was thirty years. You can’t move can’t get out of there and you’re with people that have stabbed others. It was crazy! I wasn’t no one greater then but when I came out it was a life changing experience. I took my mom and we talked she went to rehab. She has been clean ever since. From then on I understood my mission so I started writing for other artists.”

—— By: DOC


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