Cocktail Salute: 4th of July Celebration Mixes

July 4th is the day we throw on our best and try to impress that lady or guy we have had our eyes on. It’s summer and cookouts are the focus. We want to be free and feel good. A perfect way to feel good is to get around your friends, family and mix up your favorite drink. We paired a few artists with complimentary drinks that fit their spirit.

Keri Hilson’s Holiday
This drink reflects the sexiness and sweetness of Miss Keri baby. This mix of bitter with a nice dose of sweet is the perfect combination. Too much of this drink might “Knock You Down” but just enough might help “Turn You On” so do it right. At the end of the barbeque with the fireworks in the background giving that special someone this drink might even get you a “Slow Dance.” This drink is definitely two thumbs up for hooking up with your sexy crush.

4 drops The Bitter End Moroccan Bitters
2 oz Pomegranate-Infused Vodka*
.75 oz Honey syrup (one part honey, one part water)
.5 oz Lemon juice

Garnish: Lemon twist
Glass: Cocktail

Add the bitters to a chilled cocktail glass and set aside. Add the remaining Ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

The Motivation (Kelly’s Quiet Killer)
The “Motivation” aka the “Kelly’s Quiet Killer” is a sweet blend with a powerful punch. Don’t underestimate this drink. It goes down smooth and feels so good. “Kelly’s Quiet Killer” is that drink that spirits novice can drink and not be overwhelmed. Give this drink to those shy people that sit in the corner at the get togethers and barbeques to get them in the mood to mingle.


2 cl Smirnoff vodka
2 cl Southern Comfort peach liqueur
2 cl Monin passion-fruit syrup
6 cl sweet and sour mix
1 dash club soda

Shake all the Ingredients, top the drink with soda. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Serve in: Collins Glass

Jill Scott’s “My Love”
The “My Love” is a thick hunk of beautiful liquid love that takes you to that happy place. Jill Scott has been here before but now she is back and looking better than ever. This new version of the Long Island Ice Tea is similar because it is a familiar blend with a taste that feels better very time. Enjoy the “My Love” with friends will the music plays some of Jill Scott’s classics.


.75 oz Gin
.75 oz White rum
.75 oz Silver tequila
.75 oz Vodka
.75 oz Triple sec
.75 oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
.75 oz Lemon juice
Cola soda

Garnish: Lemon wedge
Glass: Highball or hurricane

Fill a highball or hurricane glass with ice and add all the Ingredients except the cola. Top with a splash of cola and stir briefly. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Chris Brown’s “The Breezy Brown”
Chris Brown has energy and will keep you up all night. With this blend of coffee liqueur, club soda and vodka this drink will have you moving and getting your Dougie on. This is the perfect drink to throw in the punch bowl for everyone to enjoy.

2 oz Smirnoff Blue Label vodka
1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
Club soda

Pour first two Ingredients over ice, fill glass with club soda. Drink through straw.
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