She Is Cute For A Big Girl – Compliment or Diss in Disguise?

I have never thought rapper 50 Cent was an attractive man; and I do mean NEVER. Not even the six pack he sported on his debut album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” did it for me. Now, I can honestly say that I am even less attracted to him after his recent comments about singer Jill Scott on Twitter.

Did he just compliment her while simultaneously dissing her?! Wait, who the hell does this guy think he is? Rap career aside, 50 Cent mimics the same mentality that a lot of men have. The “she is cute for a big girl” ideal. Not to be confused with it’s equally menacing evil twin sister the “she is cute for a dark skin girl” mentality that some brothas also carry. Which is an equally ignorant comparison that wreaks more of self hate than of personal preference. To clarify, I am not hating on 50 for his right to be attracted to slim women. It is only when you display that opinionated attraction with such disrespect and ignorance that it boils my blood. I mean really? Did he have to compare the sista to a station wagon? My Grandpa drove a brown station wagon when I was a little girl, and there was nothing sexy, feminine, or attractive about it.

It was as if, in his attempt to compliment Jill, he still had to let it be known that he only finds her SLIGHTLY attractive. He definitely does not find her as attractive as he would find a slimmer female. Let us not be confused. Was this out of fear of being called a big girl lover? A chubby chaser? Or some other derogatory term? Perhaps he thought his G-Unit gorillas would clown his choice in women. I’m betting it was out of some sense of embarrassment for even admitting to his attraction to a woman that was not a size 1. A size that the average American woman is not by the way.

50 is not the first nor the last man to cautiously compliment a thicker woman out of fear of some kind of public ridicule by other men, for finding her attractive. So clearly this is not an issue that only he has. It is easy to see how easily a compliment can be killed by a disclaimer.

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