10 Things R&B Taught Us About Love

Behind every R&B love song, there’s a love lesson. Here are 10 things that R&B taught us about love.

1. We All Want Someone to Love
Regardless of how much someone enjoys being single, he or she eventually wants “Someone to Love.” And just like Jon B. sings in the song, we also want someone to touch, hold, know and trust.

2. Love Can Make You Crazy
When you do fall for someone, you might find yourself doing things you never imagined doing. You might find that your actions are reminiscent of “What You Won’t Do For Love,” a 1978 single by Bobby Caldwell.

3. When It Comes To Love, Know Your Worth
Many of us have been in a relationship that we knew wasn’t right for us. Mario begs “Make me your selection, show you the way love’s supposed to be” in his hit song, “Let Me Love You.”

4. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
In Anthony Hamilton’s “The Point of It All,” he croons “I can’t stay away too long.” All of us who’ve been in love know this feeling.

5. You Should Be Willing to Stand by Your Man or Lady
“Can You Stand The Rain” was the question New Edition asked in this ballad, and it reiterated the importance of being there for your lover in both good and bad times.

6. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Sade hit it on the mark with her song, of the same title. Regardless of how much you want to hate someone after a break-up, you realize that love is indeed stronger than pride.

7. Follow Your Heart
In Alicia Keys’ song “Unthinkable,” she asks “If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy?” The answer: follow your heart.

8. There are No Guarantees in Love
When John Legend sings “Maybe we won’t survive, but maybe we’ll grow” in the Grammy Award-winning song “Ordinary People,” we’re all reminded that love is the one risk worth taking.

9. Fix Your Issues Before It’s Too Late
In Boyz II Men’s song, “Water Runs Dry,” we’re reminded to not take our significant others for granted. Generally you won’t realize how much you love the person until he or she is really gone.

10. Forever is the Ultimate Goal
Once you’ve found someone who you want to spend your life with, all you want is to make it work. And Al Green encourages us to do just that in his classic hit, “Let’s Stay Together.”
—— By: Crystal Tate


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