Lil Mo to Expose Last Four Years of Her Life on New ‘Intimate’ Album

After a long hiatus and some personal sorrows, R&B singer Lil Mo will release her new album ‘P.S. I Love Me’ this Fall via her own imprint HoneyChild Entertainment Inc./ Bronx Bridge Entertainment, Inc. Unlike what we’ve grown accustomed to from the “Superwoman” hitmaker, ‘P.S. I Love Me’ will fly in the opposite direction, spending more “me time” with Mo, rather than a plethora of features.

“I would say this is one of my most personal albums. A lot of people love “Based on A True Story” & “The Girl Next Door” because those were the introductions of me. But because I was under a much more corporate structure back then it was like start the album and have it in by blah blah,” Lil Mo tells “I always worked with my friends and people I was close to because it was like a no brainer situation. It was like let me do the first single, put Fab on it and let’s go! But now I switched up the formula, a lot of people saw me with everybody else and a lot of people like me by myself. So that’s basically what I’m doing.”

She continues: “The title basically is because to me singing is basically preaching. Don’t sing about something you’re not living like, because people will hear what you say but they will look at your life. So I was thinking about me being in the industry and me taking breaks and I really got to know who I was and what I wanted to be. A lot of times I felt like people were out to try to make me out to be something I wasn’t. So I felt the best way to give the best of me was to love me first and when I love me then you’ll love me and you’ll love you! And for those that didn’t know what I’ve been going through for these last four years, I let it all out with this album. And it’s more intimate because I recorded it in my own studio. On my own time, I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t pressured or forced. Anytime you don’t force something it just feels so much better. I’m singing down in the heavens like never before. I really get to sing, people be like you over-singing. I’m like what do you mean, you must really can’t sing because there is no such thing as over-singing! I’m very passionate when I sing, so it may sound like I’m over doing it. Bust trust, whatever I do on record, I can do live as well. It’s just that serious; I’m really on a mission for real!”

‘P.S. I Love Me’ is lead by the first single “On The Floor,” currently available on iTunes and other music stores. The album also feature collaborations from Dawn Richards of Dirty Money, Tweet, Maino, Fatman Scoop, and PJ Morton.

“The album is just insane. I can’t wait to hit the stage with this material,” Mo exclaims.


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