EXCLUSIVE: Jake & Papa Says They Didn’t Break Up Brutha

With a reality TV show on BET and a debut album that caught the ears of many listeners, it seemed evident that Brutha would have a promising career in the music business. Fast forward two years later, the group has now disbanded with only two members still signed to Def Jam.

“Basically our three older brothers decided to move on and do their own thing,” current members Jake & Papa tells Singersroom. “We reached a point in our lives where it is like we stop or keep going. [We are] two young men who are driven and still have the dream that we can’t stop; there is no way we can stop. We have to continue to push this dream and put on for our family and put on for this legacy we are trying to create.”

Like the saying “blood is thicker than water,” Jake & Papa Says the bond between the brothers is still there personally but on a professional level it just didn’t work.

“It is all just family now. The business is just Goodfellas and Jake & Papa and Def Jam, that’s it,” says the duo. “People can make all the assumptions that they want and make something out of nothing but at the end of the day it comes down to this; the business part aspect of us being brothers and business partners just didn’t work. We are still brothers but we’re not business partners anymore.”

But with business in mind, the duo wants to make it clear to their fans and onlookers that they have been doing music together since they were 4 years old and they had no part in the dissection of the group.

They added: “I don’t appreciate people saying on the Twitter or on the Internet, “Jake & Papa left Brutha.” That is not the case. We were the last members standing in Brutha, we just decided not to use the name Brutha anymore.”

Jake & Papa recently released their second mixtape ‘Destination Short Stay II,’ and the accompanying music videos “Show Me” and “African Drum.” The duo plans to continue the saga they dreamed about since they were kids, while working on their side hustles.

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