Can Beyonce Still Please All Of Her Fans With New Album?

The Queen is back. Well, the queen to some. I am referring to Beyonce Knowles. While it can be argued that she is a Queen to some and a toad to others, there is no doubt that the chick is bad. Bad meaning good. So bad that every time she drops an album or a single, we expect for it to be hotter than chicken grease on a June morning. For her not to deliver said hotness would be an atrocity to some. So after months of blogs hyping us up with news of her being in the studio working with hot producers, and finally a release date for a single, we expect that s**t to be hot. Some expect it to be life changing. Yes, there are some people who really feel this strongly towards Beyonce.

Unfortunately for her, the first single to be released from Beyonce titled “Girls Who Run The World”; has been receiving mixed reviews. Some of them lukewarm. While many of her devoted drones, who would cherish a Beyonce turd straight from her rectum, are quickly falling in love with the single, there are others who are less inclined to simply accept anything that the Queen gives us. Myself included. I have to be honest, the song sucks. Big time.

I am a Beyonce fan. Not her biggest fan. But I dig much of her music. I also am a part of the generation that grew up with Beyonce. I remember the first time I saw the video for Destiny’s Child’s single “No No No”;. I remember when they blew up into super stardom. I was there to see the ugly break up of the group and all of the nasty rumors about Beyonce. I was also there when “Crazy In Love”; blew and made her an official super star; out shining her time in Destiny’s Child. I was also there to see her grow and mature with the content of her music. Sure she has her make your booty roll ladies singles but she also has singles that touch women on a deeper level. Deep as one can get from a Beyonce single. For instance touching on women giving too much in love and never being reciprocated from the man that they love.

So when her new single “Girls Who Run The World”; was released on blogs this week, I can understand why some people’s, including myself, reaction to the single was that of the questions: Didn’t she already do this school band marching theme sound? It sounds like “Loose My Breath”;. Also, why is she singing about this? Isn’t she too old for this? In comes the conundrum. While Beyonce is a married woman, near her thirties, does that mean that now she should move her catalog more towards the smooth jazz or adult contemporary section? Do we really want to hear her sing about the same ish she did 5 and 6 years ago? Some would say yes. They would argue that just because she is older and married it does not mean she is dead. Hell, 30 is young and 30 year old women want to drop it like its hot too. Yes some of us do. While other would say she is too old for this style of music and that her music needs to reflect her life which is that of a 30 year old married woman. How long is she going to sing about the same things? After all, girl power has been her anthem for her entire career. Isn’t it time to keep that same message but with a mature theme?

What I think we must remember is that although Beyonce is relatively young, she is not that young to some of her fans. See, there is a generation under her that does not fall for the nostalgic feel that she provides them when “Bills Bills Bills”; comes on a radio station. Why? Because they were too young to really care that much. Sure maybe they heard their older sister belt out a Beyonce or Destiny Child tune in the shower before high school and that is part of their familiarity but in reality, there is a lot of new booty for them to become infatuated with and to them, Beyonce may be becoming old news. The life span of a pop star is not a long one. Every pop star’s light eventually dims to allow someone else light to shine.

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