4 Reasons K. Michelle Will Stop The Pain

It would be very easy to put K. Michelle in a small comfortable box with Nicki Minaj because of her hair and gorgeous body or with Mary J. Blige or Keyshia Cole because of her tough upbringing and real to life lyrics. But K. Michelle is something more dynamic then a gimmick or something that can easily be put into a box just to collect dusk on some shelf. She is our healthy dose of medicine; something like the vitamins we take in the morning or medicine we take when we are sick. There is something necessary that she possesses.

This woman has that Bruce LeRoy (Last Dragon’s Leroy Green) glow and it shines through her smile, voice and outgoing personality. Beyond that, she is a singer, songwriter, record producer, entertainer and mother. She has worked and has been cosigned by the great R. Kelly. If that doesn’t speak volumes then I don’t know what does. Here are four reasons we need to let K. Michelle easy our pain:

Vitamin T aka Talented – K. Michelle has a knack for setting the mood and drawing a picture for her listeners. Her lyrics for “How Many Times” – I feel I can’t get any lower, Taking out my anger on any and everybody that comes around me, I become so hard to deal with cuz this part of my heart is so tired – bring you into her mind heart and soul.

With songs like “Fallen” and “Just Ain’t My Day,” women as well as men can’t help but make a personal connection. Who hasn’t had a bad day?

Vitamin R aka Real – You can’t help but to understand where K. Michelle is coming from because she stays true to herself. She does not hold her tongue for anyone and that is healthy for the R&B genre. We need someone to give us a real experience, “I want real people that support me not inconsistent fans that go with fades and trends. I let my fans call me on my phone and I may be on the phone with them for four hours at a time.” (It doesn’t get realer than that.)

Vitamin B aka Beauty – Beauty is something that is internal as well as external. K. Michelle definitely has both covered hands down. However, her inner beauty shines through with a wonderful sense of humor and commitment to being honest to the people around. K. Michelle says, “R. Kelly sometimes compares me to Tammi Terrell.” It’s not hard to see why.

Vitamin K aka “K Factor” – When K. Michelle walks in the room she captures your eyes and ears. Everyone does not have that “I’m the ish” thing without even speaking. She has that magic.

Making sure you take your daily vitamins is definitely a great way to stay healthy. The R&B community as a body needs to make sure we take our daily dose of K. Michelle.

—— By: DOC


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