Omarion – The Awakening

R&B crooner Omarion has released his highly anticipated mixtape, ‘The Awakening,’ which sees the entertainer rapping and singing.

On why he released the mixtape instead of an album…I’ve done so much. The game has changed so much, especially from what I’ve known it to be. When you start in the game as young as I did, a lot of people, I think that they forget, I was working. I was making music, I was being a business man and to come from that place and fast forward to now where the person behind the computer can be just as famous as the person behind the ground work, I’ve had to change my perspective.

Reason for the mixtape…This is a way to experiment on certain things too. Really because of the Internet and because of blogging, the public opinion is changed. Somebody can write behind a computer and say something about somebody that’s not even true. If it trickles down and it has a tumbleweed affect, a whole bunch of people believe it and it’s so unfortunate. It’s like a gift and a curse. I use the example of like Osama bin Laden. He [the president] announced it and now people are showing interviews saying that he died in 2007. It’s so much to speculate now, so you don’t really know what to believe. When you’re talking about a sensitive issue like politics, you want to believe what Congress has to say about that, but with the Internet you can’t.

You take it a little bit more personal when you’re someone like me, or someone that’s an artist that’s only really spoke positivity…you don’t hear [about] me going out and smacking people but that’s the type of press that people pay attention to. I really hope to enforce at some point in time in my career with young people, that it’s important to get accurate knowledge.


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