4 Reasons Female Groups Need To Make a Comeback

From The Supremes to En Vogue to Destiny’s Child, we’ve seen female R&B groups transcend generations. However, there isn’t even one female R&B group that is currently making hit music, and it makes us wonder if going solo is the preferred choice of today’s artists. Whatever the reason, we’d love to see a R&B female group that reminds us of successful groups like SWV and TLC. Here are four reasons the R&B game needs to welcome another a female group:

1. The Opportunity to Hear More Than One Voice – We don’t mind listening to a ballad from Alicia Keys or Monica however it’d be great to hear a song every now and then with multiple voices and talents… unless Monica and Alicia want to release a duet sometime soon.

2. A More Exciting Performance – If you’ve ever been to a concert by a solo artist, you know that they usually employ dancers, a band and more to give an awesome show. If there was a female group performing, they probably would have more energy and there wouldn’t really be a need for all of the extras on stage.

3. Multiple Personalities and Styles – A solo artist can generally only have one personality and sense of style (unless she’s Nicki Minaj) so it can sometimes be hard to please everyone. However, a group comprises of multiple women obviously with varying personalities and styles so even if you don’t care for one particular member of the group, it’s more likely that you’ll like at least one of them.

4. The Ability to Set a New Trend in Music – Since female music groups have been silent for a while, a breakthrough group would have the unique ability to not only dominate the music scene for a while, but to also set a new trend for music groups in general. —— By: Crystal Tate


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