Love & Hip Hop: Olivia’s 2nd Time Around

We know Olivia as the sexy first lady of G-Unit but she is so much more. She is spreading her wings and looking to show everyone out there that she is true to R&B.

Just Music… “Music has always been the focus. This reality show is just another way to get my music out there. I’m also coming back solo without the Unit so it’s different. I also have movies in the works but it’s still all about my music.”

First Lady of the Unit… “It was easy for me because I have always been friends with men. I have two brothers and like I said I have always been a tomboy. It wasn’t a big deal for me to be with G-Unit. The only thing was there was always some gangster stuff going on. I was nonchalant when things happened. 50 Cent always kept me by his side anyway. We even had to ride in the bullet proof (car) together and I just think I was desensitized to the whole situation because nothing really bothered me.”

Fans Feelings… “I think they are going to love it. They are going to see me be open and honest. The people are going to see me interact with the other women and see the music. They will be able to really see me sing.”

From Hip Hop to R&B… “I could not sing certain things at the Unit because I was a part of a group. I couldn’t do just R&B because I had to match their sound. I had to sing certain ways and sing certain things. That’s why my fans didn’t know that I had the range and the tone that I have. It comes with the territory. I had to go with the Unit because it was another stepping stone in my life. 50 Cent and the Unit helped me get to where I am now.”

Moving On… “The Unit definitely added to the success of my career. I gained a larger fan base and way more popularity. I have had hit records and stayed on the charts for way longer…8 weeks at a time. Songs like “Candy Shop” and “Best Friend” were so amazing. It was a great run but certain things come to an end and you have to know when to move on.”

Sense of Style… “When it comes to fashion I’m every woman. Sometimes, I just want to keep it simple and go to Abercrombie (& Fitch). With higher priced stuff I go to Fendi. I’m all over the place.” —— By: DOC


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