Somaya Reece Survives Love & Hip Hop

The term fighter sometimes has a negative connotation. You automatically think a fighter is overly aggressive or forceful. However, being a fighter and having an intense passion to overcome obstacles are qualities of champions. As I caught up and talked to Somaya Reece from the new reality show “Love & Hip Hop,” I felt that same intense desire to win in this Hip Hop game. You can’t help but feel the love Somaya has for the rap game and it is infectious.

Adjusting to Tapping NYC… “I didn’t even have an apartment when I was doing the show. It was difficult for me because I came out here with only one bag. I didn’t even have any clothes. It was definitely different but I am happy that I was given a platform.”

Your Message… “I am going to promote female empowerment. I hope this will show that you have to beast for your dreams. You have to take a risk. There are going to be obstacles and there are going to be people that don’t like you. But are you going to let that crumble you? No!”

Dealing with the Ladies… “It was a wild ride for me. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with the other girls. I still talk to Emily but me and Mashonda were not in episodes together.”

Self Made Not Affiliated… “I think some things on the show were a little out of my element because I’m so used to gunning it so hard it’s just me. Nobody did it for me. I did everything for myself.”

Family of Fans… “I think that the greatest thing about this show is there are a lot of Latin Americans that are happy about me representing for them. I’m more into the people instead of dining with the stars. I only do the dining thing when I wanted to. I have a close relationship with my fans. They can break it down for you. I think sometimes they know me better than I know myself. They remind me of stuff and I’m like you guys remember that? You just have to be honest with your fans may it be good or bad that helps you to start building a family of fans. I hope my fans will grow with me.”

To Be or Not To Be A Diva… “I don’t know. I think some people think a diva is a negative thing. I love women that empower themselves because a lot of women don’t get any shine. I think it will help tell a story. I think a diva does her own thing yet respects other people. Whether you’re a student or mother at their job I think a diva is someone who takes control of their life. A diva is someone that owns their mistakes and turns their negatives in to their positives.”

Head Diva In Charge… “Oprah is a diva. She is definitely someone I look up to.”
—— By: DOC


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