5 Reasons Nate Dogg Redefined the Hook

Nate Dogg will definitely be missed for his smooth hooks on hard hitting gangster rap tracks but our appreciation goes deeper. We would like to shed light on his ability to redefine what a singer was and is in today’s music industry. Dubbed the “King of the Hooks,” Nate Dogg has made a powerful impact on the music of today. Here are 5 reasons how Nate Dogg redefined the Hook.

1. Credibility – Hip Hop more than any other music genre depends heavily on bravado and “street cred.” This street credibility is earned by your experiences, connections, and history in the streets. Nate Dogg came up with some of the most notorious gangster rappers of all time. Death Row in it’s heyday ushered in talents such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and the list goes on. These artists and producers had the gangster rap formula down to a science which is dope lyrics, a crazy beat and chorus by the “King of the Hooks,” Nate Dogg.

2. Soulful Voice –
In order to bless a Hip Hop track with a noteworthy hook you must have soul. Your voice has to tell a story and convey the message of the song in which the hook is on. Akon, Lil Mo and T-Pain are other artists that have laid down hooks that have given the songs a life of their own and kept it true to the essence of hip hop.

3. Chemistry –
Being able to work together is an essential part of creating great music. The following artists have teamed up to make extraordinary music.
– Nate Dogg & Warren G./Snoop Dogg Dog/Dr. Dre
– Akon & Jeezy
– Lil Mo & Fabulous
– Drake & Lil Wayne
– T-Pain & Rick Ross

4. Creativity – Nate Dogg was able to take lyrics that the average R&B artist would not sing and smooth it out. His creative delivery would help to make countless gangster rap songs “commercial.”

5. Balance – Having the perfect amount of R&B and Hip Hop is a recipe for success. An R&B artist singing the hook and the rapper spitting the bars creates a balance perfect for the radio. Especially in the mid 90’s when Nate Dogg let us know how it was done on the ‘Chronic.’

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