10 Female Commandments

In honor of National Woman’s Month, here are 10 Commandments that all women should honor.

1. Thou Shall Be a Good Role Model- Every woman plays many roles in life (everything from mother to sister to friend) so she should aim to be a good role model to others who may look up to her, or look to her for advice.

2. Thou Shall Be Nurturing- Men are expected to be providers, while women are expected to be nurturers. As a nurturer, you should be the glue that holds your family, or friendships, together. You should also be loving, loyal and supportive to all of those you love most.

3. Thou Shall Exude Confidence- Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Good looks may get you noticed, but confidence will put you at center stage.

4. Thou Shall Demand Respect- Whether it’s your career, relationship or a casual encounter with a stranger, being treated with the utmost respect should be a requirement.

5. Thou Shall Be Able to Whip Together a Good Meal- You may not be Betty Crocker in the kitchen, but every woman should be able to cook at least one delicious meal, even if lasagna is the only thing dish you know how to master.

6. Thou Shall Be Able to Dress for Success at a Moment’s Notice– Whether it’s a last-minute date or interview, every woman should be able to put together a polished/sexy/etc outfit in no time.

7. Thou Shall Be Able to Approach a Man- You may prefer for a man to initially approach you, however you should be able to reverse the roles just as easily.

8. Thou Shall Not Desire Another Woman’s Man- It’s completely OK to find another woman’s significant other attractive, but you should never, ever desire and certainly not pursue her man.

9. Thou Shall Be Independent (and Dependent When Necessary)– Being an independent woman is sometimes essential to growing up, being financially stable and becoming successful, but it’s also important to be willing to lean on your support network when you’re in need.

10. Thou Shall Follow Her Dreams- Every woman only has one life to live, so she should choose to go after her goals and reach for the stars.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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