Eau de Valentine: Top Five Fragrances According To Peter Hadar

Why Cologne for Valentines Day? Because you women love it! As much as I might get complimented on the way I’m dressed, it is unparalleled to the amount of women that give flattering remarks on how I smell. Now you might ask, why would I attract that type of attention to my man?

Well…because for one, if he is going to cheat he might as well smell good doing it and he is probably going to do it anyway (Just kidding ladies.) But that’s another topic for another article. The reason why I encourage purchasing cologne for your man is simply because of Pheromones!

Pheromones are secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. (Basically the Pheromones impacts the way the opposite sex behaves toward you.)

Let’s think beyond Valentine’s Day because men really don’t care about most of these “love” things. (We feel like we are doing something if we put a button down shirt, buy a couple flowers and go out.) Fragrances are so important but we seem to get so comfortable with the same boring colognes. (Issey Miyake or Dolce & Gabbana are some of the usual suspects.) Most men are just trying to get by; and you ladies appreciate the effort, but those scents aren’t making chills go up and down your spines or give you the goose bumps. And they are definitely not making you want to have passionate sex.

I had a woman once tell me, “I’m very turned on by you right now, but what is taking me over the top (like, the reason you’re going to get this tonight) is your cologne!! With the right fragrance on, your guy will keep the sex drive in constant motion …anywhere and at anytime. That is exciting, isn’t it?!?

Ladies, buy him cologne for Valentine’s Day and watch how much your libido will increase!

These are a few of my favorite fragrances that have worked for me. Every fragrance will not work for your guy, but still go.

1. Prada – Amber Pour Homme

I am a fan of Amber Pour Homme because it gives you a fresh citrus scent. It is a fragrance that you can wear everyday & also to an elegant event.

2. Yves Saint Laurent – L’ Homme

This is the fragrance that I have received the most compliments from. Some ‘Fragrance Gurus’ dislike the dexterity of this fragrance. I give it an A++! Bright. Woodsy. Its says luxury and style at the same time.

3. Tom Ford – Azure Lime

This fragrance you must wear with one of your best suits. It’s powerful but sexy, and says that you mean business. With a pinch of lime, this fragrance is the game changer and deal closer.

4. Comme Des Garcons – Kyoto

This is one of my all time favorites. It means a lot to me. I was so happy when I was able to purchase it for my first tour. It says I’m fly and you know it! ;)

5. Odin 04 Petrana

This spicy fragrance is a downtown indie luxury.

Again these scents might not blend with your guy’s scent. This list is based on what I get from them. YOU MUST GO TRY THEM FOR YOURSELF! and test these out to see what scent you enjoy. This is just to get you started. There are tons more…I shouldn’t even be giving these up. ;) Consider this an early Valentine’s Day gift from The Cool Weirdo Himself, Peter Hadar!… You’re Welcome!

Stay Cool and Sexy!
Peter Hadar

Peter Hadar (View Artist Profile)
Peter Hadar an artist born in Newark, New Jersey, first love is music although he equally focuses on his passion of fashion.

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