Erykah Badu Talks Connecting With Real People; Her Fans

In an age where Twitter and Facebook allow fans to get closer to the artist they love, Soul songstress Erykah Badu makes it her duty to personally meet and talk to her followers.

“After each show I have a meet and greet and I’ve been doing it for 13 years and the audience comes backstage and we talk,” Badu tells [The Vine]. “We talk about what’s going on in that city, what’s going on in the world, in our hearts, in our minds, in our spirits, and that’s when I get to know the people and they get to know me. And it’s been happening for a very long time.

Not putting off social networking, Badu says she use the portals to communicate with “real people” as well, even though it’s in the digital realm.

“I feel connected that way and I also feel connected social networking – because they real people, they’re not pretend people, even if they’re hiding behind, you know, a digital alias,” she says. “And I enjoy social networking a lot, I feel the social networking is social evolution. We get to really evolve and share as people.”

Badu, who comes off as a mystical person but claim no spirituality, people just want to be acknowledged and loved.

“What I believe in whole-heartedly is that people want to be loved and acknowledged and needed,” she says. “So however they go about getting whatever they need to connect with the higher part of themselves is what…it’s just what they need. I understand human beings.”


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