5 Reasons Rappers Sing

Even the hardest rappers are harmonizing on records rather than spitting gritty hooks and verses. Now the rappers are competing with R&B artists. These rappers are even putting vocalists out of work. Here are a few reasons rappers sing:

1. For The Love of Money
Fans are giving artists less chances to prove their song is worth ninety-nine cents so following a proven method of R&B and Hip Hop is a winner for their bank account.

2. No Patience
Instead of waiting to get scheduled studio time with a singer, rappers with little patience replace the singer. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself?

3. It’s A Hit Baby!
Ja Rule and 50 Cent spit hard on some of their early songs but they realized the best way to capture people is with an easy and repeatable melody. This is best done when you sing and harmonize the hook keeping the hard punch lines for the verse.

4. Inspiration of Hip Hop
Since Hip Hop was based on mashing up sounds and instrumentation of the past, it pulled many of the musical inspirations from R&B. The sounds of Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many others are sonic foundations for the music that influences Hip Hop. Rappers pull from music history to create their new interpretations.

5. For The Ladies
Ladies have to clear the dance floor when songs like Rick Ross’ “B.M.F” and Waka Flocka “Hard In The Paint” come on. If you want to keep the women on the dance floor you have to keep “Killin Em” like Fabolous.

—— By: Staff


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