Singersroom’s Top 10 R&B New Year’s Resolutions

People do New Year’s resolutions like staying fit and not drinking or smoking. We decided to come up with some R&B resolutions that would make this music genre a little bit “healthier.”

Bring the ballad back to Radio

The ballad has been lost since the 90’s. Combining Hip Hop and R&B is wonderful but we are now missing a great R&B gift, the ballad. Sure we still want to dance but we also want something to move us and get us in whatever mood we might want to be in. With R. Kelly back on the smooth groove and Kem catching the ears of fans, we might have a chance for this resolution to come true. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Let’s try to get along this year on Twitter

Twitter has been a great tool to stay connected. Artists have been able to use this portal to stay connected to their fans and other artists. Twitter like text messaging is also an easy way to create a misunderstanding and make a small problem into an enormous one. We are the world as Michael would say. Let’s make it a better place. Keep the peace on twitter.

Become more creative

I want to hear something different and fresh. Let’s move away from the safe formulas and give the people variety. Be YOU damn it!

Bring the R&B Group back

At one point we had Boyz II Men, SWV, Blackstreet, En Vogue, Jodeci and more. The music and harmony they made together were magical. Can we have that magic back?

If you can’t do Auto-Tune right don’t do it at all

Zap and Roger did “Computer Love” and “I Want To Be Your Man” and we are still rocking to these funky sounds. They have been sampled time and time again. T-Pain seemed to spice R&B up in the late 2000’s (2007) with joints like “Buy You A Drank” and “Bartender.” Who would have known that everyone would jump on the bandwagon…even rappers! The thing is there is almost a science to making it sound good. So if you are not an expert auto-tuner please leave it for the pros.

Stay out of jail

We had some of our best and brightest artists dealing with legal troubles in 2010. We are not going to judge and we know that people make mistakes. Let’s just try to stay away from the handcuffs in 2011. We need you ladies and gentlemen in the studio and on stage; not on mugshots this year. Make love not war!

More collaborations this year. Teamwork!

There are so many artists that we would love to see work together: Jamie Foxx & Tank, R. Kelly & Trey Songz, Keyshia Cole & Mary J. Blige, Charlie Wilson & Ron Isley, Beyonce & Tamia, Justin Timberlake & Robin Thicke and more. What’s your collab duo?

No more angry YouTube videos

Chris Brown was hilarious when he made light of an alleged death threat by Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance. What a great way to turn negative energy into positives. However, some people have been really going at it on twitter and sometimes it can be healthy to voice your opinion but I think enough is enough. If you want to do something let’s have a charity boxing match and we can give the money to the Boys & Girls Club or people in need.

Let’s dance!

Let’s dance like we used to during those Soul Train days. Artists such as Ne-Yo and Chris Brown keep us dancing but you can never have enough dancing.

Let’s bring the instrumentation back

Mint Condition did it so well in the 90’s and the Roots do it so well for Hip Hop. We have to reclaim our musicianship in R&B again. There are so many artists that can play instruments. People would love to hear it more on the radio and see it more live.
—— By: Deyior Dunbar


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