10 Things You Can’t Stand About Your Boo!

You get on his nerves. He or she gets on yours. Regardless of what he or she does to make you upset, you love your man or lady unconditionally, but you still can’t help but laugh at the things that irritate you most.

1. He leaves the toilet seat up – It doesn’t matter how many times you ask him to put it down, he still manages to forget and leaves it up. If your man still refuses to put the seat down, be sure to turn the light on the next time you go into the bathroom so you don’t end up falling in the bowl.

2. She leaves the bathroom door open – You couldn’t believe it the first time you walked past the bathroom, and spotted her using it… with the door open. If she didn’t close it on your second date, she likely won’t on your 20th either. Give it up.

3. He texts rather than calls – Unfortunately guys aren’t all-night gabbers like your BFF’s so you can’t expect him to stay on the phone with you for hours upon hours every night. You should definitely receive phone calls more often, but don’t get yourself all worked up when he texts you to say hello and he’s at work.

4. Her gossiping ways – Yes, she likes to have long conversations on the phone, and loves to gossip about everyone from her coworkers to Beyonce and Jay Z. You can encourage her to gossip with her girlfriends instead, but it’s OK to participate in some harmless celebrity gossip every now and then.

5. His Sunday game day – You can’t remember the last time you’ve gone out with him on a Sunday because he spends every one in front of a flat-screen TV with his boys. You don’t want to make a man choose between you and his buddies, so spend Saturday nights with him instead.

6. Her refusal to admit she’s wrong – She likes to be right ALL of the time, and she rarely ever admits otherwise. If you don’t have proof that she’s in the wrong, she probably won’t change. Just let her have her spotlight even when you know she’s completely off-base.

7. He doesn’t make plans – Whenever date night rolls around, you feel like you always make the plans. Encourage him to make suggestions as well. If he doesn’t budge, then you may be stuck with taking the reins when it comes to going out.

8. Her bedroom attire – She like to wear baggy t-shirts and sweats to bed, and it turns you off. Buy her lingerie, sexy shorts or other appealing options you’d prefer for her to wear, or simply drop hints. She’ll probably switch it up before you know it.

9. He doesn’t cook or clean – You feel like you’re the hired help when it comes to cooking dinner or washing the dishes afterwards. Next time, consider this compromise: If you cook, he’s on dish duty. Or vice versa.

10. She doesn’t cook or clean – You never saw yourself with a woman who doesn’t like to pick up a spatula, or a broom. Before you dump her, offer to help her prepare a meal or two, and then maybe she’ll eventually start to catch on.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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