Sammie Speaks Out About the Haters and How Being the Underdog Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

The re-emergence of Prince Sammie on the R&B scene has been a breath of fresh air for listeners. Displaying his vocal growth with a new look to match, Sammie is back and better than ever. The success of ‘It’s Just a Mixtape 1’ led the artist to release ‘It’s Just a Mixtape 2’ to hold the fans over until his new album ‘Coming of Age’ is released. Sammie’s return from his recording hiatus left fans wondering, why the break? The artist says, “Success happened so fast for me and my entire life changed.” He goes on to explain that being in school Monday through Wednesday and touring Thursday to Sunday began to take a toll on him. “It became frustrating trying to live up to the star status and keeping up with a sense of normalcy when you’re at home”. The R&B sensation also says that he knows critics view him as the underdog and that’s ok. “I think everything matters and anytime you re-introduce yourself to the world you have to prove yourself” – but Sammie is definitely up for the challenge. For all the haters he says they are just, “fans that have issues expressing themselves”. As he grows and matures, Sammie is learning to not let the comments phase him. “I feel people have the right to their own opinion and with the Internet being so powerful it’s easy to sit on a computer and voice your opinion and say negative comments, you just have to deal with it” the singer says. Sammie also speaks on what ‘real R&B’ means to him. “I think it’s up to our generation to do timeless music and connect with the people. I think the problem with our generation is, we are not concentrating on the lyrics of the song any more but just a catchy hook and beat.” With a genuine love for his craft, Sammie is ready to take the world by storm again. The singer-songwriter plans to regain the throne with his sophomore LP – ‘Coming of Age’ is more than a title, it is an in-depth look at the progression and evolution of Prince Sammie. Source


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