Beyonce Talks Self Expression, Staying Out Of Trouble and Being Competitive

Superstar Beyonce has been one of the few artists in R&B music that has managed to maintain success without any controversy. Starting her career at the age of 9, Beyonce has sold millions of records worldwide, with success within the group Destiny’s Child and her solo career. On starting her career at 9-years-old, Beyonce says on 60 Minutes, “That’s when I started performing at Wal-Mart’s and wherever we could perform. It didn’t become professional until we got a record deal around 12-years-old.” Beyonce, who is managed by her father Mathew Knowles and protected by mother Tina at all times, says she wasn’t forced to do music. “Absolutely me; once I saw Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, I was like ‘oh My God.’ The second I got on the stage I just opened up and I became this whole other person and I wanted to do it everyday all day,” Beyonce says, giving clues how her alter ego Sasha Fierce came to life. Her group Destiny’s Child has disbanded, with all members pursuing solo careers. But Beyonce says that’s where she began bonding with her girls, while staying out of trouble. “We were nice ladies…I mean I’m not saying we were perfect teenagers but we were raised well…honestly we were too busy trying to be superstars to think about it,” Beyonce says referring to getting in any trouble. With no drama, Beyonce, who has been told by several countries to wear more clothes, is sometimes called a seductress performer. “Really I don’t think about it too much…I’m just free. I can express my sensuality; I can express my pain, vulnerability, my strength, all of those things. “Just because I had a sheltered upbringing doesn’t mean I haven’t been a woman. I have experiences,” Beyonce added about being vulnerable on stage. As far as being a boss of her enterprise, Beyonce says she is her biggest critic. “I’m competitive really with myself. I’m not a competitive person who walks in thinking how I can compete with them, especially not my husband.” Adding, “Ego’s are not attractive.”


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