5 Things We Want Kanye to Tweet About

The world of Twitter as we all knew it officially changed last week when Kanye West joined the bandwagon. Yes, the greater-than-great, no-holds-barred rapper now has a public forum to do one of the things he does best: speak his mind. In seven days, he’s already tweeted close to 200 times. Here’s what we’re hoping he tweets about next.

1. The title of his new album- After telling the Twitterverse that his fifth studio album will no longer be titled “Good Ass Job”, we think it’s only right that he makes the official announcement of the new title via Twitter. After garnering close to 400,000 followers and multiple articles focused on his arrival to Twitter, how about “The West Effect?”

2. Why he chose to follow Stephen Holmes-Kanye is only following one person, a English man named Stephen Holmes. Who is he? No idea. But he is becoming quite the popular guy on Twitter after Kanye decided to follow him.

3. His favorite places to shop-Kanye is certainly a style icon so sharing this valuable information could be dangerous. However we can guarantee many guys’ closets would thank him if they followed suit. (And if he wants to turn on the location feature while he’s actually shopping, we wouldn’t mind one bit.)

4. If Amber Rose is still his chick-We’ve seen the pics and read the tweets about her running into a certain “Bush” and spending a lot of time in New Orleans. We don’t mean to pry but we don’t want to falsely accuse your girl of stepping out either.

5. How he really feels about Taylor Swift and other celebrities-He may be the king of controversial statements but we must admit that sometimes he says aloud the things we only think. So go ahead, Mr. West, and let us know your thoughts on the country singer whose career magically catapulted after your VMA comment and whoever else you want to comment on. Some people may bash you for it, but trust that there are many others that actually appreciate your frankness.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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