10 Men Christina Milian Could Rebound With

Christina Milian has been in the limelight A LOT lately because of her supposedly-unfaithful-producer soon-to-be-ex-husband The-Dream. And even though she’s a new Mommy, ya girl’s still got it. We think she could rebound with any of the guys below and possibly take her career to the next level while doing so.

The duo has already collaborated musically on “Dip It Low,” which is one of Christina’s most successful singles. Maybe since they did so great together professionally, maybe they’ll have the same luck personally. Sure, Fab is rumored to be linked to former Cheetah girl and 3LW member Adrienne Bailon, but until it’s confirmed there’s no reason C. Mili should miss out on her chance with the Brooklyn bred rapper.

Mr. “Thank Me Later” is the hottest thing in music right now. So, maybe Drake could rub off on Christina as she gears up to release some new music. And with Drake featured on a single, that’s a sure way to possibly get a number one hit and put her back on the map.

Young Jeezy
It’s very possible the two of them make a good team. After executing the hit, “Say I” they should be able to hit it off. Jeezy seems like a laid back kind of guy who makes a good match for Christina’s bubbly personality. The two of them together seems pretty drama free.

Bow Wow
Bow Wow’s relationships always seem to draw a lot of media attention, which could work out perfectly for Christina as she makes her way back into the limelight. And even though he was recently seen with his ex, Angela Simmons, we think Christina could make Bow Wow a good counterpart.

Lil Wayne
Sure, he’s locked up, but if Christina starts writing some sweet letters to Mr. Weezy F. Baby, she’s sure to be the Best Rapper Alive’s girlfriend when he gets out in November. And if she’s really into this being a Mommy thing, we hear that Weezy’s into making babies.

Gucci Mane
Now, every girl loves a Southern gentleman so Christina could be in luck with Gucci. He’s already done his time and even though he’s flashy with his jewels, the Atlanta based rapper is pretty laid back. Supposedly, he enjoys Bingo and treating his girl to lemon pepper wings and a freeze cup.

Reggie Bush
No longer Mr. Kim Kardashian, the Super Bowl champ is back on the market. We’re not sure how Christina feels about football but if she loves it, that’s free NFL tickets and a place to stay while she’s in New Orleans. Now he may not be Mr. Conversation, but he sure is some fantastic eye candy.

Kanye West
Yes, we know. Kanye is a bit much. But after his recent break up with stripper-turned-video vixen-turned-model Amber Rose, he’s on the rebound himself. Now, sure Christina would have to really get into stroking the male ego. But if they dated, naturally he would produce her next album. And that would easily be her best album ever.

Ray J
With Christina as a new Mommy and Ray J into family business we think these two could really work. Maybe! Or at least serve us a really entertaining VH1 reality show for about 2 seasons.

Trey Songz
Based on looks alone these two singers would be the cutest couple ever. Trey hasn’t dated anyone in the limelight yet and maybe they could sing a duet on each other’s albums. If nothing else, (according to him) he invented sex. We’re not telling Christina to rush into anything, but if she’s smart, she’d go find out if Trey was lying or not.

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