Once A Good Girl’s Gone Bad, Is She Gone Forever?

We’ve all heard the phrase about good girls gone bad, and Rihanna further confirmed it with the release of her third studio album when she sang, “Once a good girl goes bad, we die forever, we’re gone forever.” But is there any truth to this theory? And does Rihanna serve as an example of a “good” girl gone “bad”? And what exactly differentiates a “good” girl from a “bad” girl? Let’s first look at who society defines as a good girl:

“Good” girl – A good girl is usually one who we would refer to as the girl-next-door. She’s an all-around sweet person who gets along with everyone. She almost always has a smile on her face, and if you need help with something, she’s there to offer a hand. She dresses conservatively and has good morals and values. She’s also usually attractive, intelligent and popular with the boys, but her main focus is excelling first in school, and later in her career.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the coin:

“Bad” girl – You know a bad girl when you see one because she walks with a slight air of arrogance, and she doesn’t take any mess from anyone. She dresses as she likes, she speaks how she feels and she does and knows what she wants. Most girls are either jealous of her, or don’t like her, and men generally worship the ground she walks on. She lives life to the fullest, and without any regrets.

So going back to the original question: Is a good girl gone bad really gone forever? Honestly, a “good” girl may become a “bad” girl by choice, or be forced to turn into a “bad” girl due to a new status in life. It doesn’t mean that it necessarily defines her forever. And while it might be easy for a “good” girl to turn bad, it might not be quite as simple for a “bad” girl to turn good again but it’s still likely possible. Will Rihanna ever become a “good” girl again? Or should we be asking if she was ever a “good” girl to begin with?

*Reader Question: Do you think a “good girl gone bad” is gone forever? What’s your take on good girls vs. bad girls?
—— By: Crystal Tate


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