Know Your Role … Ladies!

Ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high or you hear your friends complain about their partner? Well, in most cases the problem is that women are trying to play the man’s role in the relationship and men get frustrated they end up walking away alone or with someone more compatible. If you want your relationship to work, the solution is simple, work at making it work.

With changing times; people change. You can’t expect the person you met 10 years ago to still think and act the same way. You have to grow together, continue to challenge and learn about each other. Being the boss, selfishly demanding, and nagging about his faults only pushes the person away.

Remember those first couple of months of being together, you would go all out to please him, want to know his favorite food or sport to surprise them. Remember letting him decide where to take you for dinner or vacation. Now you have gotten comfortable and expect him to stay home with you every weekend.

The way to keep you and your man happy is to learn to play your role in the relationship. Allow him to be the decision maker, protector, and leader. You have to also play your role by being a care giver, lover, supporter, and visionary. You cannot have two people trying to play the same role, eventually they will clash and disagree. Step back and think about your strengths and weakness, and how it can be changed by only you to become a better mate. Who wants a boss at home? Let him go out with his friends and be his own person, you don’t own or control him. Don’t let the partnership fail like in Usher’s case with Tameka Foster. Rumors were swirling at the time of their divorce that Tameka was jealous, controlling, and bitter. Consequentially Usher just got fed up and bounced.

Am I asking you to give in and compromise? Yes. At work you may have to be the decision maker and manage your employees, but at home you have to be a team player and follower. It’s not bad to be a follower, when it’s the man you love.
—— By: Karina Martinez


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