Top Bloggers Lend Their Voices For A Chris Brown Comeback

R&B star Chris Brown has been dealing with the backlash since beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna last Feb. 09, an incident that he plead guilty for and is currently still completing his sentence. Brown, who released an album and a mixtape since the incident, found it very hard to gain support from the many gate keepers, which included radio, retail and industry heads.

The 2010 BET Awards finally provided the opportunity for Brown to reconnect with his world-wide audience, as he was selected to pay tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, the man he idolized.

After being introduced by Jermaine Jackson, Brown was flawless as he channeled Michael, dancing and singing to “Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean.” Yet the artists fell apart, weeping in tears when he sang “Man in the Mirror,” possibly looking at his own self.

Brown’s emotional performance continues to echo throughout the blogosphere and social networks. Singersroom exclusives gathered several top web influencers for there take on Brown’s comeback and the steps he should take.

Mrs. Grapevine @ MrsGrapevine

“Yes, I think he can, but it may be a hard and slow process. He has to stay out of trouble and not try so hard to gain forgiveness. If Chris shows us the charming person that many know him to be, over time, people will start judging him based on his talents. Next moves, take some time to develop a really personal album, dig deep, and continue to work on his acting skills. He is fortunate to have two avenues of income to pursue. Many of us are rooting for a comeback. “
Miss Jia @ Miss Jia

“I, personally, think that Chris Brown would have the ability to make a comeback IF he didn’t have to constantly be subjected to public scrutiny and daily stoning for a mistake he’s apologized for a million times over. I do not in ANY way condone domestic violence but I also feel that it’s appalling to continue dragging someone through the mud because of their past. What he did wasn’t right but are we going to hold this over his head for the rest of our lives? Anybody who answers that in the affirmative should ask themselves just how perfect THEY are and note two words….Michael Jackson. The world scrutinized him for years over unfounded allegations which eventually led to his demise. I say that if God has forgiven Chris, then who are we to continue to take him through trial and jury? Chris Brown’s emotional performance last night during the BET awards proved that the passion and vulnerability were there. I suggest he continue doing what he loves because his real fans will continue to support him no matter what.”

“I think Chris Brown can make a comeback. While his performance at the BET Awards was a great reminder of his talent, I still think that he needs to take some time off. Regroup his management and spend some time out of the spotlight. Log off twitter, steer clear of the paparazzi and work on his craft. His fans are loyal and given the right material, he could have lasting career. The public can be very forgiving.”

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