Quick Facts With Troy Jamz

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Moving from Sweden to USA…

When I moved from Sweden to Newark I was only 15-16 years old and I remember the first week of High School people did not believe that I was from Sweden because all that they knew about Sweden was that there were Vikings and polar bears there, so I could not possibly be from Sweden. I had a hard time understanding why everybody was wearing the same thing. All boys were wearing baggy jeans with air force ones and white T-shirts that could fit a whale, so there was definitely huge differences in the two cultures.

Moms rules on love…

I was raised by a single mom, all that she ever told me was to treat my lady with love & respect, because in the end that’s all that counts in life. So I try to incorporate that into my lyrics and music.

Rap is secondary…

I feel comfortable doing both singing and the rap thing, but singing is definitely my stronger side. And the way the industry looks right now I can definitely compete with the top vocalists out there.

Obama Tattoo Scare…

Wow, the worst rumor I ever heard was that my grandmother was getting a tattoo of Obama on her neck, and knowing my grandmother it could have been true! But I was happy to find out that it wasn’t.

Understand My Point of View…

Well, the reason why I chose “The Vision” as the title of my new album is because I want people to see what I see. Once you hear it there is no question about who Troy Jamz is anymore, all my lyrics are based on my life experiences with a pinch off salt.

Passion for Music…

I love R&B because of the people who make it, and now that I’m one of them I love it even more.
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