Emotional Rollercoaster: Are You Being Played?

You know he is seeing someone else, he says “I’m confused”, yet at the same time tell you he loves you and can’t stop thinking of you. So you wait for him to call and hope he’ll make time out of his busy schedule to see you. You hope he will change. Sound familiar? You cancel plans to be with him, who knows when will be the next time you will see him. Then you snap out of this irrational behavior and remind yourself to stop calling him or even delete his number, remove him as your friend and his friends from Facebook, Myspace, etc. Days, weeks have gone by and you seem to have kept yourself distracted, but slowly start going back to your old behavior. The cycle goes on. You rationalize, make excuses for him because he makes you feel good, when you are together everything seems perfect.

“Yesterday I told myself I was going to be okay, gonna start a new day, truly happy, I was gonna take control of me, but eventually reality hit me mentally, physically, emotionally and I opened my eyes and realized that I was still being taken for a constant ride on your emotional roller coaster., loving you ain’t nothing healthy, loving you was never good for me.” – Vivian Grean “Emotional Rollercoaster”

STOP! It’s emotionally draining you and mentally exhausting. I know it’s easier said than done, but take a good look at what you are doing to yourself. Realize you deserve someone that will give you time all the time, not by appointment only. This will go on as long as you allow it to continue. Only time will tell and show you this is the best solution. Don’t put yourself in a predicament in which you feel stupid or guilty for calling someone or wanting to be with the person. That is not how a relationship works. Take Vivian Green’s advice; accept that you are not meant to be together in a mature way. Don’t stay bitter or angry. This way you are able to move on and even meet a man that treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

Experienced this before, how did you get over him? Share you story.

—— By: Karina Martinez


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