Are You Addicted to Shopping?

Vices are not limited to gambling and drinking. The least spoken about but common to most of us is the addiction to shopping. It can be item specific, for example needing a new pair of shoes or a watch for your next event. Or “need it” shopping for anything and everything from sales to high priced items. Do you find yourself constantly needing to go shopping when you are depressed, bored, or sad?

The impulse is uncontrollable; you get this adrenaline rush that takes over you. It is like someone else has taken over your body. Nothing or no one can stop you from picking up that must-have item. You can’t think straight. What do you do? Buy a pair of shoes for yourself when you are supposed to be saving up. Max out your credit card or even borrow money to buy it. The happiness and joy of having that new item slowly fades away in days, a new necessity comes into mind, off to the mall you go.

When we are in an emotional state of mind, irrational decisions are made. You tend to spend more on things that truthfully are not needed, which we often make ourselves into believing we do. Instead of dealing with the real issue at hand, possibly a break up, boredom, or loneliness, we cope with impulsive behavior, needing instant gratification.

Whatever the case is don’t let this go on, you can take control. All it takes is will power, self control and friends by your side. Set up a plan, make a list and have a budget for your next shopping trip. Ask your friends for support and have them remind you what your purpose at the store is. In extreme cases, leave your credit cards at home and take only the cash you plan on spending.

Remember, we all don’t have Kim Kardashian money, so those pair of fabulous shoes could wait…
—— By: Karina Martinez


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