When the Gold-Digging Backfires

As young girls, we are taught to marry up. We are taught to marry a man who is capable of providing for us and our children. Gold digging, on the other hand, takes this principle to a whole new level. Gold digging has nothing to do with love but everything to do with money. It used to be shameful when a woman was branded a gold digger by her peers. Men would often run the other way when they spotted a gold digger. Recently though, actress Lisa Raye McCoy has taken the title with pride and even kicked it up a notch and labeled herself a “Platinum Digger”. Hey, if she’s proud of that then more power to her. Although from the latest developments of her still-pending divorce (financials are still being worked out), she may have to re-think her title.

One of the first rules of being a true gold digger is to always do your research. Apparently, Ms. McCoy did not do so before she married the Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos, Michael Missick. In a strange turn of events as described by her attorney, the former Prime Minister may now even be entitled to spousal support from McCoy. Say what, the gold digger has to pay up? Seems that none of Missick’s assets is actually in his name, and therefore it would appear that he has nothing, broke, nada! Even the Bentley he “bought” for McCoy turned out to be leased and she is now on the hook for the payments. This dude played the game so smooth and clean that you can’t even get mad at him. Let’s not even talk about what has happened in that whole Anna Nicole Smith debacle. In short, she spent all of that time cozying up to 89 year old J. Howard Marshall, who himself admitted that he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, to end up literally going to her grave fighting for her rights to his money. Her estate’s latest attempt at getting Marshall’s money has been denied by the court. And is Tomi Rae Brown, the self-proclaimed widow of the late James Brown even worth mentioning? I didn’t think so either.

So, what have we learned about gold digging? One, it’s better to get your Rick Ross on and get your own money. Two, do your research because even though he is the Prime Minister of an island doesn’t mean he owns it. Lastly, consult with Kim Porter and Kimora Lee (Simmons) Hounsou before you go at the digging alone. Those two know the game, how to play it, and how to come out on top of it! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! In the meantime, Lisa Raye’s gold digger card has been temporarily suspended.
—— By: Tiffany Haggerty


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