Rihanna Says ‘What’s The Fuss,’ Barbed Wire And Clad Is Cool

With “Rated R” ready to hit stores and a troublesome year nearly behind her, Rihanna took some time out to hit back at outrage over her infamous barbed wire adorned cover and lack of clothing this week. “I definitely thought the barbed wire was cool,” Rihanna said at radio when speaking of the single cover for “Russian Roulette”. “It was a symbol of strength but fearlessness all at once, that’s why we used it.” While the cover made a statement, as intended, Rihanna says obtaining the result we have seen was not easy. “We took our time and wrapped that barbed wire around me,” says Rihanna. “It took forever because we had to wrap it round the front of me a few times more than the rest of me so that it would cover the necessary.” In related news, Rihanna is shocked over claims that she is “scantily clad”. Hitting back at reports suggesting so, the diva says “I’ve always been…” “I don’t know why people are so surprised that I’m scantily clad, I’ve always been scantily clad, I’ve always been that way.” “Rated R” is due in stores Monday, November 23. C: Key 103


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