Rihanna ‘Rated R’ Springs A Leak, Does It Live Up To The Hype ?

Rihanna’s long anticipated album “Rated R” sprung a leak late last week and has been making its rounds around the net. Despite the leak being bad news for the “Russian Roulette” singer, reviews of the effort have been quite solid. Featuring thirteen songs, Rihanna’s “Rated R” has thus far been called everything from “dark” to “different”. Overwhelmingly fans seem to like the majority of the album with, of course, a few songs not earning such nice reviews. One thing that most fans have agreed on thus far is that Ne-Yo’s statement that we would see an “angrier Rihanna” is true. Living up to its title, “Rated R” features Rihanna in completely different territory as edgier, gritty and at one point daring enough to say “I lick the gun when I’m done ‘cuz I know that revenge is sweet.” While we’re not advocating violence and taking the song seriously, you have to admit you never saw that coming from Rihanna. With “Rated R” Rihanna seems to throw everything done in years past out the window. Songs like “Please Don’t Stop The Music,” “Shut Up and Drive” and “We Ride” are gone and simply replaced with records like “Hard,” where she sings “tougher than a lion… Rihanna’s reign just won’t end” and “G4L” (Gangsta For Life) where she defiantly states “any motherf**kers want to disrespect, we don’t play that s***.” As previously reported, Rihanna’s “Rated R” features work with Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Chase & Status, Tricky Stewart, The Dream and Will.I.Am, among others. “Rated R” hits stores and digital retailers November 23. Have you heard songs from Rihanna’s album…. does it live up to the hype ?


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