Michael Jackson Best Selling Artist of the Year ?

With over 2 million albums moved in just three weeks, it seems like Michael Jackson could be in the running for the coveted ‘Best Selling Artist of 2009’ title. According to sales reports issued since his death, June 25, the King of Pop has sold just over 2.3 million copies (in the United States) of everything from “Dangerous” to “Off The Wall”. However, Jackson’s worldwide sales are already at 9 million according to Thursday’s Los Angeles Times ! Even though buzz surrounding the King of Pop’s death and subsequent memorial service and tributes is beginning to fade, it seems likely that his music will continue to sell in mass quantity through much of the summer, if not fall. Last week alone, Jackson moved 1.1 million copies of various discs including a “Number Ones”. In related news, there has been speculation over the amount of unreleased music that Jackson had recorded over his over 25 year career. While an exact figure or estimate of songs, likely sitting in a vault of some sort, has not been released, it is likely that his estate will release the music in the coming years. Jackson’s “Number Ones” disc remains the top-selling CD in the United States for a third straight week, with 349,000 copies sold. It even tops this week’s no. 1 debut from “Pretty Wings” singer Maxwell, who moved 316,000 plus copies of “Blacksummers’night”.


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