Michael Jackson Connected With Ambulance Hit-and-Run

Pop star Michael Jackson was recently involved in a hit-and-run accident with an ambulance. Jackson’s black Cadillac Escalade reportedly plowed into EMT Jamin Mauro and his partner’s vehicle while they were parked outside Cedars-Sinai hospital, sideswiping the ambulance and knocking a mirror off the emergency vehicle. Mauro tells NBC that the driver then hopped out of the vehicle with an umbrella, walked to the hospital doors and greeted Michael Jackson at the door. But rather than assessing the damage, the driver and Michael hopped in the car and drove off! Mauro said he and his partner were banged up in the crash, but more upset that the driver of the Escalade did not take the time to exchange information before driving off. According to police, Escalade was being followed by paparazzi, but it still not an excuse to leave the scene. I guess we can chalk this up as another lawsuit for MJ


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